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Railroad Products

rr1-1rr2D.A. International Casting Company purchased WINE Railcar Products in 2001 and stocks most items for quick delivery. WINE has service proven outlet gate designs for both covered and open top hopper cars. For open top hopper cars, we offer cast hopper frames with Double Adjustable Locks, Single Door Cam Locks, and our new  Rapid-Release Cam Locks. The Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly features one person operation from either side of the car.

D.A. supplies various castings for the rail industry including, discharge gates, racks, pinions, pinion shafts, jack shafts, spur gears, capstans, bearings, vibrator brackets, cross ridge brace feet, various corner caps, hopper frames, locking mechanisms, strikers, draft lugs and components for passenger rail cars.

In addition, D.A. International Casting Co. has a new partnership with Tealinc Ltd. on the Rapid-Release Cam Lock Assembly. Tealinc, Ltd is a dynamic results-driven company that specializes in transportation solutions for shippers, railroads and investors. Tealinc, Ltd. buys and sells railcars and locomotives to the shipper, railroad and investor community. They also supply railcars through operating leases.

Be sure to check out our “Videos” section for more information on the Rapid-Release. 





Door Size

Floor Slope

Hopper Frame P/N

Left Hook

Right Hook

RR Cam Lock Assembly P/N


30 degree


DA-00611, RR-611-L

DA-00612, RR-611-R



30 degree


DA-00651, RR-651-L

DA-00652, RR-651-R



45 degree


DA-00659, RR-659-L

DA-00660, RR-659-R